Lesson 2 – The Story Behind the Irefin House Name

IGS History – Lesson 2

In its early years (around 1917), it is noteworthy to note that Ibadan Grammar School relied exclusively on good-spirited individuals for its development. The highest donation at the foundation stone laying ceremony of the School at Oke Are was by Baale Irefin who donated £100.

Irefin House was named after this visionary philanthropist who despite being a Muslim had the foresight to invest in a Christian School and in the education of generations of Mountaineers regardless of their religion and background.

What is the meaning of Irefin?
The Irefin people were predominantly blacksmiths and may have derived the name from Irefin (Iru efin) translated as the “emission of smoke” which emanates from their compound when they are engaged in their occupational activities.

Now you know the story behind the Irefin House name!

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