Lesson 3 – The Story Behind the Olubi House Name

Pioneer missionary to “Yoruba Proper” in the nineteenth century, David Hinderer hailed from Weisbuch, near Schondorf, in Württemberg, Germany.

Rev. David Hinderer converted Rev. Daniel Olubi, with his 1st cousin, Rev. Canon Okusehinde to Christianity during his missionary work in Abeokuta. Olubi and Okusehinde came with Hinderer to Ibadan and settled in Kudeti. There were 6 missionaries including Hinderer that left Abeokuta on a mission to Ibadan. The horse that they rode was the 7th that the reason for the say in Yoruba “eeyan mefa lo mu Igbogbo wo Ibadan, esin (horse) lo sekeje”. These 2 men rocked the education system of Ibadan & Yorubaland.

Rev. Olubi in turn converted and trained our Founder Bishop Akinyele. Olubi was part of the committees with CMS that were in talks to establish Ibadan Grammar School before passing away on September 29, 1912. Rev. Olubi was buried at Kudeti. He never returned to his town, Abeokuta.

The Anglican Communion put everything on hold as Rev. Akinyele succeeded him to run St. David’s Church, Kudeti. The burden was too much for Rev. Akinyele to carry then, as he was very young. Few months later, Revd. Akinyele founded IGS on March 31st, 1913.

Years later Rev. Latunde, who was the grand-son-in-law to Rev. Olubi and the second Principal of IGS named Olubi House in his memory.

Now you know the story behind the Olubi House name!

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