Lesson 4 – The Story Behind the Akinyele House Name

Even though the story behind Akinyele House seems more obvious to all – it was named after our school founder Bishop A.B. Akinyele. Here are some few facts that I bet you did not know about this pioneer and great community leader:

  • At the age of 11, he trekked to Lagos form Ibadan to attend Aroloya School.
  • He proceeded from there to attend the C.M.S. Grammar Scholl in Lagos – Nigeria’s oldest secondary school. The finished from there in 1896.
  • He served as a teacher at his Alma Mater and other schools in Abeokuta
  • He studied at Fourah Bay College from 1904-1906
  • He fought a good fight to obtain the approval from the authorizing body to start our dear Alma Mater despite opposition from various groups.
  • He accomplished a lot in his life in spite of a physical disability that resulted from a childhood injury to his left shoulder and that almost claimed his life.

Now you know some of the stories behind the man that Akinyele House was named after.

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