Lesson 5 – Principal Things 1913 – 1975

The foundation on which the school stands today was built in its first 62 years by the first 5 principals.

Ist Principal & Founder
Bishop A.B. Akinyele (1913 – 1933)
The number of students increased from modest 12 to 187, comprising 82 students in the primary section and 105 in the secondary section.

2nd Principal
Revd. Latunde (1933-1940)
During his tenure the four houses of the school, Irefin, Olubadan, Olubi and Akinyele, were established and the school became a member of the AIONIAN Group of Schools.

3rd Principal
Canon E. A. Odusanwo (1940 – 1948)
During his tenure, the school completely excised the elementary section of the school and, by 1942, it had become solely a secondary grammar school. The school population grew to 350.

4th Principal
Archdeacon Alayande (Oga) – (1948-1968)
School became one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria with arguably the best Higher School Certificate (HSC) programme in the country. Construction of new science laboratories, a library, classrooms, an administration block, dormitories, staff houses, sports field and a school chapel happened during his tenure. Girls admitted into HSC and remedial programs only.

5th Principal & 1st Old Student to become Principal (1941-46 Class set)
Chief Ayo Labiyi (Oga Labiyi) – (1969-1975)
Females students started gaining admission into the secondary school in 1965, even though they started 3 months later than the boys and had to be separated into a different class to help them catch-up to the lessons they had missed. The school became a full-fledged mixed secondary school for boys and girls in 1969 during Labiyi’s tenure.

Share your experiences with these legendary Principals if you were a student during their tenure.

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