Lesson 6 – Interesting Facts About Oga Alayande

Oga Alayande – Principal Extraordinaire. Here are some things you might not have known about him.

  • Emmanuel Oladipo Alayande was born Gbadamosi Ajao Oladipupo on January 10, 1910, to Sanni Akano Alayande (a drummer) and Okekunbi Okesina (a kola nut trader).
  • Alayande started life as a Muslim.
  • Due to a traumatic experience, he moved to the house of his maternal uncle, named David Okesina. Under Okesina’s influence, Alayande went to school and converted to Christianity.
  • Alayande was meant to complete his primary school education in 1925, he instead finished in 1927. This year-long delay occurred because of a mistake he made while reciting a poem in which he said “Whales” in place of “Prince of Wales.”
  • Alayande was married to the daughter of Bishop A. B. Akinyele. Ebun Akinyele. Alayande and Ebun were married on October 6, 1938, at St. Peter’s Church Aremo.
  • Alayande was ordained as a deacon by Bishop Akinyele, and in 1951 he was made a priest.
  • In 1960 the Rt. Rev. S. O. Odutola preferred him as a Canon of the Cathedral of St. James, in Oke Bola, Ibadan
  • After his retirement from teaching in 1968, Alayande became a full-time priest and served as vicar of Emmanuel Anglican Church, Ekotedo.
  • Alayande received the honorary chieftaincy title of Aare of Ibadanland in 1977
  • He was a Philanthropist of note
  • He was active on the political front and an avowed Awoist
  • Alayande died on October 27, 2006 at the ripe age of 96.

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